Directed by: Xavier De Choudens

Written by: Xavier De Choudens, Charly Delwart

Starring: Franck Gastambide, Melisa Sözen, Gringe, Camille Lellouche

Logline: This moving comedy is one of the most beautiful films to come out of France this year. Comedy star Franck Gastambide from TAXI 5 and Melisa Sözen from the Cannes Film festival Palme d’Or winning WINTER SLEEP charm us with their talent in this beautiful feel-good comedy.

In SA cinemas February 19, 2021


Growing up, all Damien and his sister care about is changing the world. But life gets in the way and their idealism eventually fades. Until – that is – one day, little Bahzad comes along and shakes things up. The son of a Syrian refugee, Bahzad, is about to be deported when Damien’s activist instincts kick back in. Together with his sister and his best friend Rudy, they rally up a whole host of unlikely heroes and set in motion a risky campaign to save Bahzad and his mother…